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    Hi. Newish here, so if this is the wrong place, sorry.

    I've noticed that a couple different sites I visit refresh automatically and incessantly. Its very annoying. is one culprit. This doesn't happen on my PC - only Pre's web browser.

    When I first visit, it refreshes 2-3 times in a row on its own, one after another. After about 20 seconds, it refreshes again. Third time was after 25 seconds. Fourth was after 15 seconds. Then after only a couple seconds, and then back to between 15-30 seconds. It goes on like that.

    I'm extremely curious as to why this is happening! If anyone's got a fix, that would be grand. What I am really looking for is an explaination.
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    Welcome... It refreshes alot because some ***** person at palm thought it was a good idea to let the web refresh like everytime you have more than card open so it can be 'always live' which is crap if you ask me.
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    my phone is now refreshing a few websites even if its the only card open. Joystiq does this to me. As I'm scrolling down the blog it will randomly refresh and take me to the top of the page. Annoying!!
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    You might try the "No Auto Refresh After Idle" patch and see if it helps.

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    Huh weird. So stops its incessant refreshing if I close out all other cards, if I start it with no other cards open, if I close the cards and reopen them, and if I open in the web browser first, then open other cards.

    So it won't refresh on its own so long as at some point its card is the only one open, I guess.

    Joystiq isn't refreshing itself at all on my end.

    I'll try that patch once I get home from work.
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    that patch stopped working for me a month or so ago.
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    Eh, I think I can live without the patch now. Thanks for the tips.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cas_esq View Post
    You might try the "No Auto Refresh After Idle" patch and see if it helps.
    still refreshes. When I got a couple of browsers open, as I switch back and forth, trying to quote something the screen refreshes. Arugh! I have the no refresh idle patch...

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