to scratch my own itch I wrote a small tool that reads Banshee's (iTunes clone for Linux) playlists and allows the user to pick one for copying it to your Pre, hence allows creating playlists for the pre under linux.

What the tool does is read the playlist, copy all of the songs to a different folder and create a m3u file compatible with the pre. The folder as a whole can by copied to the Pre in USB disk mode (or Wifi, if sftp is enabled)

The project just started, but I'm working on a GUI and Ubuntu packages at the moment. If you want to test the tool, you'll need python-mutagen und python-sqlalchemy.

bitbucket dot org / tiax/b2m3u/raw/054be49bf06a/b2m3u.py to download the python script
bitbucket dot org / tiax/b2m3u for the GPL v3 opensource project

At the moment, it's CLI only. Just run the script from a terminal session. If you want to replace mp3 files' album tags, pass "-r" as an argument to the script. That way, songs from playlists don't clutter your album view.