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    hello all who wish to help, i am currently having a huge issue with my palm pre. i forgot to take off my theme and all my patches and apps and now my phone after doing a secure full erase and just a full erase twice is stuck with the same theme and ever since then webos quick install wont recognize my phone when its plugged in to fix it, nor does webos doctor see my phone either to set it back to factory setting which i am trying to do so i can then fix everything. FML
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    (*)Are you signing into your palm profile each time you erase your phone? because it backed up my patches.

    (*)Is Developer Mode turned on? That helped me when i doctored my phone before. (to enable it, type the konami code (upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart))
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    ok i will try it again and let you know, thanks
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    ok i guess i wasent in developer mode some how, guessing after ALL my restarts it turned it off, something so easy kicked my *** all day

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