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    I was browsing through the help for the Sprint Palm Pre (slow day at the office ) and saw a section entitled: "Upgrade to Documents to Go from DataViz".

    Needless to say, I was pretty excited, and followed the help instructions (click on "Document Editing" in the Doc View menu). Sadly, it just leads to a link to the DataViz site saying that they had collaborated on the Doc View app and are planning to release Docs to Go (although no release date is known). Is this a new edition or position from DataViz that represents some actual progress from their earlier stance of Docs to Go being unlikely in the near future, or is this just optimistically worded?

    Sorry if this was already pointed out, I just found that it was a pretty interesting find, and was wondering why Palm would put these instructions on their help section if they didn't expect a semi near-term release?
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    DataViz was one of the original Pre launch partners, saying that they would be releasing Docs2Go soom. Many months later they admitted that they have stopped working on Docs2Go for the Pre. I've stopped holding my breath.
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    Thanks for the clarification! I guess I just never noticed the Document Editing button in the Doc View menu before. Damn I was really hoping it was some kind of update... oh well...
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    Something will happen, hopefully soon, with HP pushing the Palm devices for business. HP has got the clout to get DataViz moving on this or they will find another developer that will provide equal or better products.

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