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    This is just a tribute for all of us webOS and PalmOS users who won't be washed away by the iPhone 4 or HP + Palm. Come on, Power to the Palm! I'm sticking to my PrPrPré $no$ $matter$ $what$! $Are$ $you$?
    Can't wait for my Pré!
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    Yep, working to get the wife a used one for way cheap (<$50) as I dont want to lock into a contract if new hardware is coming.

    Nokia (red phone) --> Denso TouchPoint TP2200 --> Samsung SPH-N400 --> (Palm VII) --> Sanyo 5150 --> Palm Treo 650 --> Palm Pre --> Sprint FrankenPre 2 --> (HP TouchPad)/(HP Pre 3 - Wifi) --> Galaxy Nexus (with TS mod and hopes of Open webOS!)
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    I see a bright future ahead for webOS

    Sprint Pre- Meta-Doctor 2.1.0 w/Flash

    Everything is Amazing & Nobody is Happy, "People with their mobile phones, "uh... oh... it won't..."... GIVE IT A SECOND... IT'S GOING TO SPACE!" Louis C.K.
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    HP+Palm FTW!
    Palm m130 > Verizon Trēo 650 > Verizon Trēo 755p > Verizon Palm Prē Plus > TouchPad > Verizon Palm Prē 2
    ~ The Future's Just Not What it Used To Be ~
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    Don't get me wrong,
    i really like my pre however recently i've been feeling that itch,
    for a new phone.
    Pre|central Peacekeepers

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