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    I see a crack in the iPhone armor and I hope that HPalm can open it up and show people there is a better smartphone platform out there to the masses. I know people right now with iPhones that are tired of the iPhone hold and want more freedom with there device. Most people (myself included) only know of the antenna issue with iPhone but I have seen a couple phones from friends that reboot (cycle) constantly, just randomly exits out of apps, screen flicker, and I've personally seen one do a ghost dial (911 to be exact). My friends say they want to go elsewhere (Palm for a few) but the Apple voodoo spell won't let them. Also people (IMO) other smartphone companies are scared of Palm now HP-Palm and the WebOS platform that they are coping the OS in there phones. If WebOS was not a threat to them why did these companies revamp there OS to incorporate some of WebOS features. So I'm hoping HP does Palm and WebOS some justice and hit this out the park. IPhone, MS., Blackberry, and Android are shacking right now because the know if this OS catches on that HPalm and WebOS will be the most flexible platform that will touch everypart of there mobile and even home life. Soo HP.....DO THE DAMN THANG!!!!
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    I'm sure Android will jump on it too.....
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    only if h-palm can release a phone next week
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    only if h-palm can release a phone next week
    True dat! :-)
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    I believe, sincerely, that JR is quite aware of this and is likely saying this very thing to his superiors at HP.

    Yep, an HP-Palm superphone right now, or within the next month or two would likely be a very welcome option for many - NOT that so many iPhone users would defect - that's not in the cards for the immediate future, but, if HP can quickly bring to market a great phone with a powerful OS that can, over time, build its APP catalog and be followed up with a true iPad competitor product, they would definitely begin to take shape as the #2 spot in the mobile device manufacturer sector..

    IMO, of course.

    and one more thing:

    Release the next WebOS device on MANY carriers - no exclusivity!!!!

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    I agree, and I've been collecting ideas in this thread:

    By the way, Verizon ran an ad in the New York Times yesterday indirectly making fun of this issue.
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    I doubt it, not as long as the Adroid army marches on! Iphone owners have a huge cult like following and will stand by it no matter what and webos has a tiny one which is shrinking due to defectors. To sum things up I would say not as long as they have the same "OLD" hardware with record exchange/return rates.
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    Well nice to see you stand by Apple because alot of us are standing by Palm ...I mean HP+Palm. As for those defectors......they will be back when HPalm comes out with a rock solid phone. I not saying I want to see a cult like situation with WebOS like iPhone has but I do want to see Palm make some huge waves in the smartphone market.
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    Stand by Apple, I've never owned anything Apple to this day. I'm just living in the real world, where I've yet to see one Pre our Pixi in the wild or here anyone mentioning anything good about Palm except on this site. Yes, many geeks and sites will tell you how they like webos but in the long run they won't put there money where there mouth is and buy one of it's devices.

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