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From what I gather, this should be HP's last web printer, before webOS is added to the mix. Since webOS is intuitive and a snap to use, web printing should kick in to high gear.

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HP Shipping ePrinter: Printing Without a Computer
By James Kendrick Jun. 30, 2010, 7:33am CDT

HP Shipping ePrinter: Printing Without a Computer

HP has started shipping its first ePrinter — the e-All-in-One-D110a — that is a network printer making it possible to print wirelessly from anywhere. The D110a has integrated Wi-Fi and its own email address that provides the ability to print from any device via email. This opens up image printing from the iPad or smartphones that are not connected to the local network where the printer lives.

The D110a is an all-in-one printer that connects to any network via Wi-Fi, and provides scanning, copying and printing wirelessly. Since it is connected to the web, the printer will even notify you when updates for the printer’s software are available. This may be a good addition for small offices and home workers, and for less than $100 from HP.

HP has stated it will be bringing webOS to its printer line after the Palm merger is final, and the D110a shows good promise for how that technology can be leveraged. The printer is becoming a computer in its own right, and opportunities abound (sub. req’d) for those willing to take advantage of this new capability.