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    Anyone out there unable to chat via facebook account on the messaging application? Mine shows a half green available symbol and tries to sign in every few seconds. I tried removing the account and readding it and now I get a could not connect to server message when I press the sign in button. Anyone else getting this same issue?
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    um yeah actually.
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    My regular facebook via computer seems to work fine. Don't know if this could be a problem just with signing into the server.
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    same here wazz up?
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    I just noticed this as well. Not sure why.
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    souns like facebook changed up something...
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    Well I thought my problem was as a result of Doctoring tonight--it says it cannot connect to the server. Maybe something else is up. Hopefully there's a fix!
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    are you guys using the jabber protocol in the IM app? there is a ipk for the WebOS IM client to add all the popular clients.
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    Where is it? Thanks.
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    Anybody else not working? is something going on?
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    I'm Having The Same Issue! Anyone Know Whats Going On? Gotta Love Having a Smartphone Without Facebook Chat... Way To Go Palm!!
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    There is still an app you can buy for it. hard to really complain when we were using a patch to get is and now it doesnt work. i didnt even use it all the time but i just want to know if should remove the account and the patch and move on or if anyone knows if this is a server problem or something like that.
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    I noticed this problem yesterday as well. I hope it can be fixed very soon.
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    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
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    Want to get chat for fb working on my phone and touchpad. Anyone have any ideas on this??
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    Just wrote a tutorial on how to connect to facebook chat on WebOS 2.1 :

    Have fun !

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