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    Wanna race?

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    Mine would win
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    Nice e30
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    What would the Pre "race course" look like? I say 4-5 specific websites (no fair using bookmarks), a contact, getting to a particular calendar date, and a new task list. Specifics for all of these (and other things) could be laid out, and then we could race. Seriously. This is so geeky it just might work.
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    I do this w/ my buddies who have storm2 (verizon) some other samsung (at&t) they both have full signals and I have 1 bar in their shop, (Im on Sprint) and Ive never been beaten by either of them. Im usually 4 to 5 seconds faster.
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    hahaha Very nice thread Stir Fry Alot.

    @2sslow- place your bets next time

    @jb7474- I was picturing Christopher Walken saying all of that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reign25 View Post
    Mine would win
    Mods? I've got a 97 Camaro. Far from stock too. It's only a V6, but I've killed numerous Z28s with it. Should be a mid 13's track car if I ever get to the strip again :P

    Oh we're talkin phones :P
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