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    I have some .m4b audiobook files that won't play in the standard player or remix, is there a audiobook player I could find somewhere else? Thanks in advance.
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    If a file won't play in the standard music app, then it won't play in any other app. The only exception to that is Ogg Vorbis since that's now supported in the PDK.

    The only way unsupported audio formats could ever play in an app would be if someone created a homebrew solution to utilize music libraries installed in Linux. And I'm not even sure if .m4b files can be played in Linux.
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    There is a translation software program out there for around $30 that will translate audiobooks. I haven't bought it, hoping that Palm/webos will open up and Audible will eventually stop acting like children and talk to one another. I have hundreds of purchased audiobooks.

    My wimpy workaround is just to listen to audible on my ipod and computer and borrow other books from the library, download them into iTunes and then load them on my pre.

    Perhaps hp has more clout than Palm. It is truly frustrating that I listen to audible books every night on my old Palm TX but can't use them on my phone. Now that I have the Pre, my TX on it's old desk stand is my default book reader. You can load a lot on those SD chips.
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    The software is called SoundTaxi.

    What's so bad about playing your Audible books on you old Palm device? That's what I do currently, works fine since I only listen to books while driving. Using this method helps insure that the headphone jack on the Pre won't give out prematurely.
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    I had the same problem. You can actually rename the files from .m4b to .m4a and they play just fine. (iPod/iPhone/iTunes simply uses the .m4b extension to recognize that it's an audiobook file instead of a music file. I think it has something to do with saving your place for resuming your audiobook where you left off instead of restarting it.) Anyway, that worked for me. Both the built in Music player app and Music Remix plays my audiobook files when I change the extension.

    I know it's a lame fix, but it works.

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