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    Please take a look at this article: Palm Pre Users Suffering From Diminishing Support | Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine

    Lets politely help correct this guy's reporting.
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    It looks like plenty have already! Haha
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    People are bashing him like crazy. He apparently has one but regardless it's a terrible article.
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    Wheres Lynn Fox when you need her???

    He posted a response in the comments saying that hes a palm pre user himself. I feel like he probably doesn't have a pre as his main phone. Why he thought that the changelog being pulled down is a sign that the update won't come at all is truly beyond me. That kind of stuff happens every update, and not just with webos, but many other platforms as well. I wish you hadn't posted this lol I'm just angry now.
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    Some of these guys just write stuff to get attention.
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    The moment I see the word "blog" I immediately know that whatever is written is based on opinion and bull***t rather than fact. Blogs are not real reporting. Any ****** with no credentials or factual information can write a blog. They are just glorified message boards. If i started a blog on midgets having superpowers would you believe it?
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    He might be trolling for clicks. The posting was so absurd. He did a simular post on Windows Mobile last year, suggesting they just abandon the mobile market.
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    Talking about power to the people and being shot down in flames. It brings a tear to my eye how passionate the palm and webos community is!

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    I signed up just so I could post a comment telling the author what poor journalism that is. I ended up needing 3 posts to express myself.

    Good news, his readership has gone up - temporarily.
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    He now knows not to mess with Hpalm supporters again.
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    I have written emails to the following people: (President, Thaddeus Computing) (Editor, Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine)

    This was my remarks:
    SUBJECT: Complaint about BOGUS article & SEVERE lack of professionalism!!!

    Steve Green recently reported this: Palm Pre Users Suffering From Diminishing Support | Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine
    You may, by reading the comments, realize that the webOS community, Palm's fans, are OUTRAGED by his obviously flagrant, poor research & ridiculous assumptions.

    Something needs to be done about this. A retraction is expected.
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