the main reason I want the update are as stated in my original post, re hopeful vzw updates and knowing what to do with uberkernal and govnah stuff. I have not updated the latter 2 because I'm not sure what the status of 1.4.5 is...I feel like I will get lost in all the updated kernel talk going on around these forums waiting for the new os update...its hard to keep up with all that chatter.

besides, I'd also like to know that vzw will still somehow support the pre plus in the near future, esp given the recent news that they did not purchase any additional palm phones this quarter, which basically means they will be discontinuing it as soon as they unload their excess stock. Damn vzw. Love/hate the service and generous employee discount, hate the way they handle phone updates in general and they way they have treated palm overall (see my vzw rant in other thread)