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    As much as I love Weather Dashboard, it would be nice to have real-time alerts sent to me. IE: weather advisories, or warnings, ect. The Weatherbug app should really do this since it's full of awesome. Actually I wish Weatherbug and Weather Dashboard would combine into Weather Complete v1 or something. Useful dashboard notifications + useful app.

    Also, repeating dashboard notifications. By this I mean dashboard notifications that come back to remind you. You have no idea how much I hate accidently dismissing Pandora's dashboard and having it never come back. At least some sort of reminding toggle. Like with SMS it should pop back up every 5 minutes or something. That would be nice.
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    Time In is a stopwatch app that uses notifications to control the stop watch when in card view.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spader View Post
    It's obviously possible, just look at PowerNap or GeoStrings... the question may be "how difficult is it?"

    I wonder if one of the DEVs could chime in and tell us? We know it's possible, but is it too hard for more Apps to use it?
    It's quite easy to implement actually. It does require the application to be written as a multistage application, but it doesn't increase complexity by that much, and multistage applications have other benefits as well.

    I think the main problem is, most devs aren't used to an interactable notification paradigm, and are having a hard time finding a use for it. I suggest contacting the devs of your favorite apps with your ideas on how to implement a dashboard into the app itself.

    I always had the idea for the dashboard interaction as soon as I started developing PowerNap. Like you, I always thought the dashboard was a wonderful element Palm introduced with webOS, and I really wanted to make sure I made good use of it.
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    Thanks for weighing in, I didn't really think it was that much harder to code, but since I don't do it myself there's no way I could know for sure.

    Now that we know, there is no excuse for there not being more apps that use this unique WebOS tool. haha

    It's a good idea to contact the developers directly, if nothing else it can serve to let them know that interactive notifications are what the people want!
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    Like Kev1000000 said, it requires the app is configured as a multi-stage app. I recommend all developers create their apps as multi-stage (setting noWindow to True in the appinfo.json). You might think that your app will only have one stage, but you never know what will happen in the future.

    Developing an app that uses dashboard notifications is very easy. Designing the dashboard stage is pretty much identical to designing a full-sized card stage. There are a few widgets and styles that don't work on dashboard and popup stages, but there are ways to work around it.

    When I designed the dashboard notifications for GeoStrings, I wanted people to be able to perform all necessary actions on the incoming alert without having to open up the app. However dashboards have very limited amount of space. So to accomplish this I had to implement 2 tricks:

    1) For the times when there are more than 1 in-alert task at a particular location, multiple dashboards are opened simultaneously. This allows the user to see all their tasks on one screen and react to each one separately.

    2) I present different views (set of actions) on a single dashboard. The initial view shows the task information (location name, distance to location) as well as a boomerang icon (to defer the alert until the next time they reach the location). And it also includes an alarm icon. By tapping this icon, a different view is loaded. This one presents the user with 6 snooze options.

    Music Player (Remix), which was originally derived from the built-in music app, uses a dashboard notification in another great way. It allows the user to have quick access to their music controls. In the next-gen version of the app, I'm taking this idea to the next level.

    I think more apps should definitely take advantage of this unique webOS feature. In addition to providing users notification of events, webOS dashboard notifications (and popup notifications as well) gives users a way to interact with an app in a whole new way without having to load the full app.
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    Can't wait to see what you have in store for Remix, Dan. Thanks for giving us another Developer perspective.
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