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    I'm pretty ticked off now. Because of some new policy that came with the god damn iPhone 4. ALL tariffs/data plans on my network are now axed and gone. Anyone that just bought a 2 year contract with unlimited data has until october to cancel it. My problem is that I'm getting a PrPrPré $soon$ $and$ $here$ $it$'$s$ $only$ $on$ $that$ $network$ $O2$. $Anyway$, $Here$'$s$ $what$ $I$ $need$ $to$ $know$...

    - Can I turn off automatic updates and backup?

    - Is there a way to see my data usage so far .. like 221MB downloaded or something..

    - Can Synergy's sync features be turned off?

    If you could answer there it'd be awesome guys. Keep up the unique PreCentral friendliness! Thanks
    Can't wait for my Pré!
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    somewhere here is a command line hack for turning off updates. You can turn off auto-back up, and you can avoid synergy by not adding any cloud accounts...
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    you can turn off the data in Phone / Preferences / Data Usage [off] and then, use only wi-fi.

    As far as I know, the only way to turn off automatic updates is by terminal.

    I think there's an app on preware to see the data usage.

    Synergy can't be turned off, but if you don't add accounts, then synergy won't be used.

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