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    I imagine that I'm not the first one to think this... I'd really love to be able to tell the app catalog to always ignore results from a particular maker. In particular, there seems to be quite the little plague of auto-generated public domain books that get dumped into the catalog by the hundreds and contaminate search results. Tangentially, I don't understand the appeal of these, particularly when FreeBooks is available. Really, an entirely separate app for just one book?

    Anyway, I'd love for Palm to let us always ignore certain makers. Any thoughts?
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    there's a patch available (install it through Preware) that hides, or "grays out" any app vendor you specify. I use it and it lowered my blood pressure significantly.
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    I definitely understand the concept of a dedicated app for a book, but only if it does more than a standard eBook format. Also I agree that simply bundling public domain books is of dubious value.

    I just published my first app which IS a dedicated book app, but it is all ORIGINAL content. I plan to release an ePub version as well, but I don't know how to do things there like include links to youtube. I won't say any more about my app here, but if you want to see it, google for Galactic Beacon.

    Back to your original question, I don't know of anything other than what the previous post recommended.

    Since Palm publishes RSS feeds with all the apps listed, it would fairly easy to make an app with various filters. Hmm. On second thought forget I said that!

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