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    Hi Guys, I'm getting a Palm phone soon and I'm wondering what's better- The original Palm Pre or the new Pixi Plus. They're the same price here. Thanks
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    i'd get the pixi plus. lighter. simpler. (no need to open slider)

    but if u are into games pre is better of course.

    but then i'd wait for the pre plus.
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    What carrier gives you the choice of regular Pre vs Pixi Plus? I thought Verizon and AT&T had just the Plus for both phones, and Sprint doesn't have the Plus for either one...
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    I was thinking that, I'm not into games like. What's the Pixi Plus like for battery life compared to the PrPrPr? $Thanks$
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    I'm in the UK and only have O2. But thanks for the reply like.
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    It's hard to answer such a subjective question. If you can, the best way to make a decision is to play with both phones and see which one you like the most. The Pixi is thinner and has a smaller screen, but a better keyboard and some people love the form factor. Whereas the Pre is more powerful and has the better processor. Like I said, it's very subjective. If you can spend some time with each, I'm sure that you'll be able to choose one.
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    Ahh... didn't realize non-US carriers gave you that option. O2 doesn't have the Pre Plus?
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    i'd definitely go with the pixi plus. it's sooooo tiny, but the keyboard is so nice. my only two complaints are lack of msn messenger and few glitches every now and then.
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    I'd choose Pixi, less hardware problems you have to worry about.
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    Weird, in Palm UK the Pre Plus is shown Palm UK - Mobile Products for Consumers, Professionals, and Businesses In that case, between Pre, Pixi+ and Pre +, I would choose Pre + (Better build quality than the original Pre, touchstone ready, more ram and more memory)
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    I love my Pre Plus. Pixi is nice, but I like the few extra pixels in the display...
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    All Palm devices are now on the one network over here, PrPrPr, $Pixi$ $and$ $Pr$ $Plus$ $but$ $we$ $never$ $got$ $the$ $original$ $Pixi$. :$S$ $lol$
    Can't wait for my Pr!
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    I personally like the Palm Pre more.
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    The Pixi is a great phone. I haven't held a phone that's felt more solid than a Palm Pixi, not to mention the keyboard being great.

    I have a Pre Plus, though. I love the Pixi, don't get me wrong, but I want a more powerful phone, and the display on the Pre is just amazing, to me. Of course, buying the original Pre, it's possible you'll run into the hardware issues (keyboard, slider, oreo, etc.), but still.

    If you don't care about the screen or the power, then I'd recommend a Pixi all the way.
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    As I said before, I have a Pre Plus only, so I can't compare with Pixi, but one thing I have to say has impressed me about Pre Plus is looking at the screen in full sunlight.

    I have had phones before whose screens washed 100% out in the sun, but the Pre Plus is still usable. It gets a weird sparkly effect (not unlike some vampires I'm told), but is very readable. I can't say if the Pixi's screen is the same or different. Just saying I like the readability.

    Someone in another thread mentioned that it looks odd when viewed through polarized sunglasses. I'm guessing that fact is related.

    I love not worrying about storage space on the Pre Plus. I listen to a lot of podcasts (GO DrPodder, GO!) and they can be quite large.

    Bottom line: I compared the Pixi in the store with the pre and picked pre.
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