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    I've been using my Pre Plus for 3 months now, and comparing to the other popular OS's out there (iOS, Android) I've come to really like how natural and fluid the ui feels. In my opinion, the multitasking card concept and synergy between apps is truly unparalleled in design.

    Having said that, with the HP/Palm merge on the horizon what do you guys think of the potential for HP's stock to shoot up in the near future?
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    Since the Palm purchase there has been several acqusition by HP, which I feel they are several area HP/Palm are looking to improve on with the smartphone market aswell as the sync with other office equiptment. Personally I feel this is a great combination and they will expose area that needs to be uncover and if all goes well by the consumer adapting to the new concept HP strock will climb pretty quickly. I'm waiting for their next quarter performance because with all the acquisitions they recently had I feel their stock prices will dip just abit and after the release of a new product the prices will start to climb again.

    HP Wants to have a ''lock down'' on personal and business devices.


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