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    We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?
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    Niice!! Patiently waiting for a new device, meanwhile the current Pre Suits me just fine. Played with friends Iphone and it just didn't feel right. I can't imagine living w/o gestures or multi tasking now.
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    Interesting...short but interesting.

    I suspect they are completely right. HP and Palm offer great opportunities to those willing to step out of the box (iPhone and Droid sheeple) and wish to succeed with software even where many have failed including both Palm (1st year was interesting, but not much excitement) and HP (iPaq).

    Combining and teaming together, adding a number of technologies recently invested in by HP. Go HP!!!!

    Like for instance, instant-on boot technology that I still can see being used to quickly load webOS interfacing for browsing, email and other quick tasks and then boot natively into full feature operating systems like Windows 7 and access the same contacts, bookmarks, and email database just viewed from the webOS side.

    This would compete hands down and give significantly more options compared to similarly powered systems popping up left and right using Android.

    I'm excited, plan to continue programming and enhancing my skills, and look forward to future prospects. Sorli...
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    big opportunities i agree. failure to act upon these opportunities quickly will be a loss opportunity
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    Maybe...HP is huge. Was over at one of my clients and they had a HP laptop, 24" Touchsmart All-in-One unit, and two HP printers.

    People really do love HP products and I must agree owning a laptop and two HP printers myself.

    I would love July to get here sooner, but then we'll just have to wait and see what HP and Palm have been cooking.

    You know their doin something! Sorli...
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    I definitely want a WebOS Pad. Palm Pre Plus Plus would be cool. Just giving me my current phone with faster processor, more memory and longer battery life would be sweet.
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    I love my new Palm Pre, but I'm also very excited for what's next in store for webOS! Good read.
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    -caresses beard in thought- cooll..

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