I was wondering if anyone else gets this or if it's known about or a fix available or whatever.

Basically, anytime i stream audio from my RSS feeds/podcasts/whatever, if i pause the stream for more than say 30 seconds~1 minute or so, and come back and hit play later, the audio never works. It changes the play icon to a pause icon, and the time just sits wherever it was, and the audio never starts playing again. I've waited like 5 minutes or so.

This has happened for as far back as i can remember on both my current phone, and the previous one i had to swap out because the audio port broke. It happens in any app that streams audio. It happens in FeedReader, dr. podder, pandora (pandora just skips to the next song after a moment, though), slacker radio (same as pandora), or even just streaming an MP3 via the normal palm player.