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    I have had a number of folks (most on AOL) send me emails that have the body of the message appear BLANK on my Pre, though fine elsewhere. The best solution would be to tell the folks to stop using AOL, but as that's prolly not going to happen, I decided to see if any of ya'll have had this issue? I noticed today that a few other email services are also coming in "blank." I don't recall this always being the case. Has anyone else had this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    i get this with my aol mail i use from work. some messages wont even load, then will keep a 1 as it being unread and goof up. View fine on the pc tho
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    blank emails

    Seems like a problem with AOL since 2004. New security concerns involving attachments probably prevent the email from opening since AOL sucks so badly. I can't believe people still use AOL... then again, 7% of people still use IE 6.

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    AOL bites !! and just so you know im being nice . i tried to use them once and could never use my computer because they were always using all my ram lol .
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