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    When I search a topic on my laptop, I will often click a few of the links at once and have them open each to a new tab, and do so with each tab opening up in the background. Having a switch to allow this in WebOS would be awfully nifty, especially if you could click and have each new browser page NOT steal focus. Again this wouldn't be useful 100% of the time, but more often than not for me

    Thanks in advance for help
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    why not open 3 different web page cards and using advance gestures slide back and forth between them without having to minimize them?
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    there is a patch to do that, and another to turn odd auto-refresh for the background browsers.
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    this also workd for me. with the patch installed, it's gesture+tap for a menu that has a choice to oen the link in a new card. Almost identical functionality to "open in a new window" in IE.
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    I asked for a patch to do exactly that a while ago but got not responses. I have the gesture click patch installed. So I'm always opening new cards and I hate when it backs out to card view hovering over the newly opened card. I wish it did that in the background when you open the link in a new card...

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