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    saw that somebody else did this, but was very in depth process, well some lengthy research provided an actually pretty simple way to do it.

    ( i just high-fived myself)

    as you can tell i went back to stock before i tried it, its my first style. i was not to fond of palm's choice.

    what do you think?

    did you even notice?

    See Post #6 for info to mod yours
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    What exactly am I looking at here?
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    italics/font change?
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    yessir. I found a simple-to-use freeware font name changer. So you can rename any font you want to. Because as some of you may know, the font name is not the font file name.

    it's nothing over the top,like some of our tweaks, but just a nice subtle customization
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    Meaningful Thread titles always encouraged.
    <<Thread Moved and Renamed>>
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    no problem, i understand, just wasn't sure where to put it

    here is a link to download the little program you need to do this mod - turns out it is just a trial version, but good enough for making a few options for free One click file hosting: typo40e.exe

    i only changed 4 of the main fonts.

    they are located in

    they need to be renamed as follows:


    for anyone that would like to change their system fonts
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    Thanks for this! I'm slowly changing my theme and this gives definitively a nice complement to the whole look. I installed the Ubuntu fonts, if anybody is interrested in the modified files. It does look nice on the Veer screen
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    Slick hackery, OP!

    Personally I really like Prelude. I could comment on other folks' font choices, but to each his own, I guess.
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    will this work with the pre3 running 2.2.4?

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