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    i'm unable to play mp4 videos media player 12. i keep getting an error message and the ms website suggests i make sure the codec used to compress the file is installed on my computer. has anyone else had this problem? can the codec needed be found on the pre?
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    I also have a problem playing some MP4 videos. I can play the welcome video and the ones I recorded with the phone, but one that a co-worker shared with me will not play at all. I cannot stream it or play it locally. OF COURSE the iPhoners and Droiders can play it just fine. Curiously, the EVO plays it, but it is very choppy.

    Every time I try to show that webOS can do the same things as iOS and Android, I am proven wrong.
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    I assume you are using Windows XP...
    Easiest solution would be to look up "xp codec pack" in Google and download. You can find many packs available like this one. Should solve the issue.
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    yay windows wins again...
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    thanks for the suggestion but i'm using windows 7. i will try try the google search option. thanks

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