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    It makes sense that HP will transition their company issued phones to Palm. I can't see them paying for RIM, iPhone, or Android phones. (although they might allow Microsoft phones ).

    If that happens we will have thousands of new engineers, developers, and techy types using WebOS. I'm sure those developers will build some apps to make their personal and business usage easier. HP will also surely need an office suite to go on their company issued phones. Productivity apps will show up as HP's execs demand them.

    I expect a lot of this goodness will flow into the WebOS app store.

    Doesn't this make sense?
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    maybe a little tooooooo much sense
    definitely in agreement with you there
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    What about their families also? I worked for a fashion designer, and I received a very generous employee discount, but they also gave me a really good friends & family discount. They wanted me, and my close friends & family, wearing their clothes.

    I don't know where to get the official number but I've seen posts that say HP has around 15,000 employees. Even if we only add 10,000 of those employees (plus their kids and spouses), that is a nice addition of users to WebOS.

    Are the consultants and suppliers going to feel ok walking into meetings with a competitor phone? They probably would want to demonstrate loyalty to HP by having the phone made by their partner.

    I know when we are talking about millions of phones it isn't that much, but these aren't John Q. Public users. They are professionals working at a high tech org. Just the fact that HP is such a huge company is going to be a great boost to WebOS.

    I wonder what the percentage of apps in the Apple store came from the ~35,000 Apple employees?

    Same thing with Google. How did Google get so many apps in their catalog so fast? Well, there are around ~20,000 employees at Google, they have a lot of close business relationships also.
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    and with all those employees complaining about the stuff that is missing... It will get more visibility.

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