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    Opera Mini & Opera Mobile browsers

    Integrate it with Universal Search and all other functions that use web browser and bam, perfect. I really just don't like the web browser. Opera (for desktop) is great, and I've used Opera mini on my friends blackberry and iPod Touch and it's amazing.
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    Yea,i use opera mini all the time on my sprint Instinct phone. Web browsing is awesome. That would be a great idea.
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    I would use this if it didn't take up so much screen space. Seems like the address bar and menu options are always present, although I've never used the browser before. If they disappear when you scroll, then this seems pretty interesting. I wouldn't use the tabs though. I've grown accustomed to the card switching.

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    I really hope opera comes to webos.. The web browser on this phone is great BUT it still isn't anywhere near the speed of opera (yes we know they compress the data on there side first) Where opera would be nice is for general browsing where 3G isn't available. For me would be great as no 3G where I live and no wifi. Opera on 1x loads faster then 3G with stock browser..having opera mini made my instinct bareable to surf the net.
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    I used to be a big fan of Opera Mini. I always found a way to get it onto every dumbphone I had. It was always much much better than the standard WAP browser.

    Now that I'm used to smartphones, I just don't se the point. The WebOS browser is lightyears ahead of Opera Mini.

    I don't know too much about Opera Mobile though...

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