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  • Yes, Adobe has abandoned Palm forever more! Arrghhhh!

    14 19.72%
  • Maybe, Adobe has abandoned Palm for now, but may come back now that HP is buying Palm.

    16 22.54%
  • No, Adobe has not abandoned Palm, we are still just waiting for the Flash release...

    28 39.44%
  • I don't know, and I don't care.

    13 18.31%
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    So, I have been a pre owner since the first week of it's release, and have been a fan from day one. I am anxiously awaiting some new hardware so I can buy that and then get crazy in depth modifying it with all of the great patches that the precentral community has produced. However, I have to wonder one thing - has Adobe abandoned Palm and the Pre when it comes to Flash? We kept hearing later, later, later ever going to come? I would think that with those arrogant sexy guys from Cupertino pushing HTML5 so hard, Adobe would want somebody to pick up Flash. I think, personally, that Adobe has abandoned the Pre due to low sales volume, and will look for other partners, such as Windows 7 Mobile or Android. What say you?
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    Has Adobe abandoned webOS?

    No...check the Flash Thread for more info. Adobe siad as late as last week that it's still on the way.
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    There have been many threads basically asking the same thing... Personally I think the next webOS update will bring a Flash release very shortly after. I really don't think they have abandoned anyone, but have had issues getting things to work as smoothly as they would like. Call me an optomist (it would be the first time) but I truly believe it will come after the 1.4.5. But we will see just how right/wrong I am soon
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    I think that Flash is going to find itself faced with increasing irrelevancy soon...

    The mobile web isn't waiting for Adobe to get it's act together... It's moving on.

    That is my uninformed layman's opinion.
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    Adobe is just a slow company, that's all.
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    <<quote deleted by mod>> nice
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    I believe that Adobe is working on Flash still to this point. Even though i have no conformation, i believe the 1.4.5 would bring the webos to where it would need to be to beable to run everyhing smoothly. After 1.4.5 i believe at the end og June or beginning ofJuly, we may see flash finally on the webos phones.

    Look at the Evo, it has Flash, but its Flash LITE. it will only do so much.

    so do we want full Flash support which requires patience, or a half assed version of flash that is limited?
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    flash player website on the pre still says first half of 2010.... so i guess it 21 days and counting
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    WHO CARES? Flash isn't the best or even the most stable platform, it's just the most popular. Popular doesn't make it the best match.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AOW View Post
    WHO CARES? Flash isn't the best or even the most stable platform, it's just the most popular. Popular doesn't make it the best match.
    I care because when you don't have it you can't stream diddly squat. With my iPad I constantly try to hit links that have streaming video and guess what? Nothing.. it sucks.
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    I also ask, 'who cares'? I have a feeling I'll be seeing even more Too Many Cards errors on my Sprint Pre once Flash arrives.

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