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    Check it out! WebOS has almost 10x better HTML5 performance (at least in this 3D-Test) than the latest Chrome, IE8 and IE8 64bit browsers. But Firefox smokes them all
    Running all 4 Browsers at the same time results in 100% CPU time. And I thought Flash was a memory hog.
    Could someone run the test on Safari and the iPhone?

    Chrome 5.0.375.70: 2 FPS
    Firefox 3.6.4: 53 FPS
    IE8 32bit: 4 FPS
    IE8 64bit: 3 FPS
    WebOS 1.4.1: 19 FPS

    Tested on:
    -Intel Core2Duo 2,26GHz
    -4GB Ram
    -Windows 7 64bit


    Palm Pre (launch day; no Plus)
    -Arm Cortex A8 500 MHz
    -256 Ram
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    That's interesting - nice find!
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    On my Work PC:
    Chrome: 2 FPS
    IE 7: 64 FPS <--- WOW!
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    On iPhone, running safari, less then 1 FPS, but it reports 1 FPS on the website.
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    Seeing same numbers under MacOSX with the addition of Safari, which is 12-18FPS.
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    Safari 5 on Mac OS X 10.5.8 FPS: 2-4
    But I use old Mac eMac G4 1.2Ghz.
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    on the iPhone when running the test, Safari is unresponsive to user presses, but the home button still exits.
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    On my Phone I only get 8 FPS with 36 images over wifi. How did you get 19FPS?

    Also, on the Pre+, some of the images are corrupt. :^/ At least the browser is still responsive. :^)
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    16-19 fps, 36 images on my 800 MHz...

    But I don't know. Winning a race against IE is like racing against a Corolla and say you won...
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