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    I tried to install the Fandango app this morning. I got the little gps popup and clicked ok. It started to download for about 30 seconds or so then went to pause.

    I can't do anything at the moment. Everytime I click on it it just stays there. I've restarted my phone twice btw.

    Oh, and in the last 30 minutes, the battery has went from 81% to 65%.

    Any help? I did a little mini search and couldnt' find anything about what to do. Don't even know if I have this in the right forum or not.
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    Nevermind. Apparently just posting in here has stopped it. I got the "download failed" finally so I just canceled it.
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    Brand new Precentral feature: Just post in the forums and your problem will be automagically fixed with no need for replies
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    Thank you for sharing this!

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