View Poll Results: Do you keep any cards open?

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  • Yes, with no discernable impact on battery life.

    21 21.88%
  • Yes, although it does deplete my battery life somewhat

    5 5.21%
  • Never leave any cards open

    37 38.54%
  • Sometimes, but I don't know what impact this has had

    33 34.38%
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    I rarely leave apps open either, but it's because I fear the battery drain. When I do, I keep them in mini-mode, the actual purpose of which I have no idea (anybody know?).
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    mini mode is for organizing your open cards, easier to see them all.. Being able to keep cards open, is what this phone is all about... I usually have anywhere from 7 to 10 open at any given time. If you don't use this multitasking feature, you may as well buy a clunky android phone
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    Got to a club with my battery on blue 100 and forgot to close the Sprint Navi app and messaging app for 2+ hours... i was on red 13 upon reaching my car...should have got a clue wen my legs started burning up.
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    I leave cards open if i need to, that's the luxury of choice.
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    I leave mail and the dialer open most of the time...
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