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    HP has the experience and the expertise to start cranking out webOS smartphones with a flick of the switch.

    HP already has the resources from hardware design, manufacturing, production, marterials, etc....

    Even the CEO states "building a smartphone or a phone of any type is not a particularly complicated engineering feat"

    So if you take into account the manufacturing prowess of HP, the second to none operating system of webOS you get a very formidable mobile player indeed!

    The HP/WebOS giant is about to be awaken!!!
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    I tell you what, I'm a huge Palm ****** and I'm about to jump ship. I love my Pre, and I love WebOS, and oddly enough, I hate Android. However, I'm sick of seeing every other manufacturer pass Palm by with new hardware all the time, while I sit with this aging piece of plastic (with cracks, and swivel issues).

    Again, I hate Android and I'm real close to picking up an EVO just because the future of Android is solid, and none of us even know if Palm will ever release another phone.


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