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    I still impress people with my Sprint Pre. They see how natural I can move around between apps and are impressed...even current iPhone users.

    Apple is really good at hype. That's most of what iPhone 4 is. If you really think about the features they've added, most are just refinements.

    - More pixel-density
    - better antenna
    - more durability
    - more flexible video editing (that you have to pay for)
    - multitasking
    - more battery life

    - Facetime

    They talk a big game but the only thing thats really new is Facetime. Compare these things to the Pre:
    More pixel-density - if the Pre had it, would it change that much? Not for me
    better antenna - I never have trouble with signal strength, perhaps some do
    more flexible video editing - I'll use a computer with a mouse, thanks.
    multitasking - been there, done that
    more durability - always a plus when your phone is made of plastic
    more battery life - yes please

    So only two of these enhancements stand out. Facetime is cool but can be implemented in software (but a conferencing camera would be nice). It's up to the individual if these three reasons are enough of a draw to:
    - drop your plan and carrier ($$$$$$)
    - drop your WebOS
    - Migrate all your data over

    But let's see through the hype here.
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    I'm one of those that swapped out my Pre for an Evo. Is the Evo a bit large? Maybe, but it fits in my pocket ok. Is Android a bit cumbersome compared to WebOS? A bit, but not so much so that I find the experience frustrating. Is the screen on the Evo bad? NO, do I wish it had higher resolution? Maybe, I really think the current display looks great, and I'm not willing to trade battery for the resolutiuon at this point.

    I still believe that WebOS is the best OS out there at this point. However, the Pre hardware has proven to be sub-par for many. The battery life on the Pre is ridiculously lame. Using the Evo in the same manner that I have used my Pre in the past year, the Evo battery lasts (easily) twice as long as that on the Pre.

    Would I return to a Palm/HP device? Absolutely, without question, with pleasure, IF they bring out a new device with better build quality and better battery management.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fabolous View Post
    I just got my palm pre and have to say its the best phone i have ever used, build quality and screen could be a little better but webOs is just amazing compared to anything ive ever used it really shows how phones should work, very fluid and well just perfect i love it
    +1 couldn't of said it better myself
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    OK so a few of my co-workers have an Evo now.
    Wow that thing is awesome! Yes it has android and would be better with WebOS but for 16bit colors you would be hard pressed to really tell. Maybe it's just my eyes but it looks damn nice and the screen is the entire size of my Pre Plus.
    This is what Palm/HP need to bring to the table. A great hardware phone running WebOS and by by iPhone and Android.

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