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    So basically, I have a Sprint pixi running webOS 1.4.1 and I was wondering if the MyTether app will work on ubuntu 10.04. I am considering buying a Linux netbook, so this is a very important feature. I would love to plug in my sprint pixi and tether to my ubuntu netbook.
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    Mytether doesn't work with anything. Development on it may have permanently ceased.

    The defacto tethering app is Palm mobile hotspot. There is a patched version out there for sprint that works well on windows, but not much else. Ubuntu Lucid doesn't stay connected to it. It is a bug in the Palm mobile hotspot. Could also by the same bug that affects people who play PSP and xbox off of MHS.

    Hopefully palm will fix the bug in an update and it will be patched to work on sprint.
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    Well that stinks, any other free homebrew alternatives?
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    Mobile Hotspot works fine from my Sprint Pre to my netbook running Karmic.

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