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    I have some ideas that people might be interested in.

    1.) The 4 quicklaunch icons (plus Launcher) just aren't enough sometimes. My idea is to leave those 5 icons alone but allow people to configure the wave launcher icons separately. As in you would have the 4 (plus Launcher) quicklaunch icons and then doing the gesture to bring up the wave would bring up 5 completely different icons, giving you 9 quicklaunch options. I have no idea if this is possible but it is something that i'd like to see and i'm sure a few others would appreciate something like that. I never really use the wave and I think this could make it more useful.

    2.) A nice looking weather app built into the wallpaper. I know there are a few apps that put the weather onto the wallpaper already but the two that i've seen use really cartoonish icons/images for displaying weather conditions. I'd love to see the weather on my wallpaper with really well done images (maybe animated if possible?).

    3.) This one is pretty much the same as above but the option to display a simple calendar on the wallpaper might be nice as well. One that highlights the day. My crappy old LG Shine dumbphone allowed me to put an active calendar over my wallpaper that highlighted the day and had the date written out in big bold letters next to it. It was handy.

    These are just some ideas. I'd love to hear what you guys think or if these things are even possible.

    PS - Got my Pre Plus about a week ago and I am loving it.

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    I love the idea about the wave launcher icons giving you 5 extra quicklaunch icons. Makes me wish I knew how to go about creating it. I hope someone can create this patch or at least give a reason if it can't be done.

    Great idea.....
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    I don't agree with the quick launch wave. The wave is to use when you are in an app so I find it very useful this way. For your idea, it is just as easy to bring up the wave in the homescreen as it is to bring up the first launcher page, so you should just put all your favourite apps on the first launcher page.

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