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    What do you all think about webOS replacing your OnStar or other touchscreen nav system? I think it would be cool to be able to run Pandora while getting directions, and responding to a text message (with virtual keyboard) - all before you leave the parking lot.
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    I would def enjoy that.
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    I'm hoping for the A2DP to be integrated on my truck. Right now ising the pre & the aux audio feed. It would be awesome for WebOS to be the OS for the car, as long as it includes voice.
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    I'm thinking beyond that, actually.

    Something like a terminal-based system, one for each headrest and each can multitask its own apps. Think in-flight entertainment systems. Each can then watch their own movie, play their own games or surf the web. All with the easy to use webOS interface.
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    There are a TON of automotive DVD playing manufacturer's that have to design thier own OS and GUI for thier touch screen devices, and, they could benefit greatly by not having to, by licensing it from PALM, or...

    HP could create a licensing division for just this purpose after the acquisition.
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    Maybe not so good for left-handed people, like me. I'm okay punching a few buttons with my right hand, but I might not be very good with gestures.

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