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    hi guys i have a few questions

    ok so i just got a verizon pre and i'm having a slight problem with texting.

    Ok so if i have a card open with the conversation thread.
    and lets say i get a new txt it'll say "john thread" and the screen is white. and i have to get out of the screen and go to the list all of conversations and pop open the thread again to see the new txt. :/ wats goin on? it can't update on its own?i have to pop out and in or reopen a card every time?

    Also camera focus. having an issue the camera wont focus yet i've seen tons of awesom pictures taken on a pre, how do i focus do i hold somethign down or is there a trick to it?

    Another thing is i think i'm getting the oreo situation. i thought this was fixed 2day old pre any advice?

    thanks a bunch guys.
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    if you tap the notification it will take you directly to the message that just came in
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    there has so be some play or the keyboard won't slide. Try pressing down on the gesture area when the slider is open. If it doesn't have any movement down when you push, don't worry about oreo
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    As far as the camera, the Pre has a basic wide angle lens equivalent to about a 40mm lens. It always has a constant depth of field lens setting which keeps most things in good focus.
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    I've never seen the txt issue on mine (have had since 4/11), but make sure you have the latest updates. To work around the oreo, open the slider by placing your thumb midway up the right side of the screen. Yes, it sucks, but we all hope that an official virtual keyboard is coming soon.
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