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    lol I think it's hilarious people still pick devices based on how new they are. If that's the case..go buy an lg flip phone and be happy. You should use common sense when picking up an device. The question is simple..."does my pre do everything that these other devices do, answer: yess... Now move along
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    CNET hasn't been a relevant technology forum since, what, Windows 98, lol.
    The Saint
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    Quote Originally Posted by tedrampart View Post
    Evo compatible pants to be introduced!

    but seriously though, the internet is full of opinions, and with so many, you're bound to stumble on one that conflicts with your emotions, don't fuss.
    don't be talking chit about Hammer Pants! I'm still holding on to mine anxiously awaiting for them to come back into style
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    they are still in style at Venice beach...
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    when I was a kid,we were judged by our hair and cloths,,i guess today they are judged by their phones. Glad I'm 41. If someone came up to me and said ha ha my phone is better then yours,,i would tell them to get a life.
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