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    When connected to voicemail, change the phone dialer images to replace each number with the VM command (skip, delete, etc). Possible?

    I guess it wouldn't be too cluttered to just make that the normal set of images, but wouldn't dynamically changing it to show the VM commands be cool and convenient? I can never remember much more than 1 to get right to the message, # to skip it, and 7 to delete it.

    Hrm. Has any phone done this yet? I should patent the idea
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    sign up for and you got it!
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    Not a bad idea. The only problem is, each system has a different set of commands ie, Sprint, Youmail etc. What could be done, is a scrim, like the ones that themes use, with the commands for which ever system you use. That should be easy to do.
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    if you get the youmail app, all those functions are just buttons in the player. Check it out!

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