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    what's with this obsession with tablets, everyone/HP?

    Is it just me, because i certainly DGAF.

    /short rant
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    Netbooks started a move towards an intermediate device between notebook and hand held... tablets always seemed like the right middle of the road, but interfaces/interaction was always a problem.

    With all the touchscreens, that's helped fix some of it, I personally don't want/need a tablet, but a lot of the tech market works like a flock of birds, if one goes one direction and is successful others follow.

    the iPad has been very successful, even though other tablets existed before, now that there is proof on the market that it can work (though it's only proof that it can work for Apple) others are bound to push their tablets to market and try to get a piece of it.
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    as much as I hate apple as a company, the ipad is one hell of a device when it comes to ontent consumption. Personally as a student i'd love dual screen setup eith a stylus and keyboatd ( 5 years from now, when they slim it down and reduce cost),but for a soccer mom its perfect. 35-50 year olds are going to start using this. Its for people who eithet want a second computer for when in bed, or watching tv. Or for someone who doesn't use computers and wants to start... I want to take my mom out to an apple store to see what she thinks of it, but i'm afraid she'll want one ...
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    hah yeah, my mom loves her iPad.

    She has a Kindle, but now she is on the iPad ALL the time, for EVERYTHING.
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    I've watched several people use the iPad on commutes... but only for games. I asked a couple of them what else they used them for and both said "just playing". A Nintendo DS would have been cheaper.

    I'm actually very excited about seeing a webOS tablet come out - as long as they have an office product of some sort on there. For my job, one would totally be awesome. But I can certainly see how they can be nothing more than toys to some who don't have a business idea/need for them.
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    I agree. I don't carry a backpack so I'm not sure how a tablet would ever be handy and portable for me. Plus, unless you're a businessman, I think you look like a compete tool pulling out a tablet.
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    LOL... totally agree. I'd feel a bit weird pulling one out of a man-purse (murse)
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    LOL... totally agree. I'd feel a bit weird pulling one out of a man-purse (murse)
    why don't you use one of these:
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    I play the iPad for two days. I must say "it is a great experience" . But I could imagine if someone could port webos into it. Then the experience will be more than wonderful and the price is more reasonable.
    However, their apps store is really killing websos' .
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    I don't see the thrill either... I have my Pre for email, web access, etc., when out and about and a laptop if I'm traveling and need a computer. A tablet seems like an in between that does some of each, but none of it well.

    And the iPad? WT-F is the point? No card slots, no multitasking, no usb, no camera, etc... but because Apple made it, and the "cool" spotlight is on them, it's a must-have. Do not want. Seems like a Netbook does a whole lot more and costs less.

    I imagine a more functional tablet could be useful, but I still don't think I would drag something that large around with me.
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    i can see myself using a tablet.. Wouldn't buy one cause i don't 500 to throw away, and don't like apple as a company, but i'd have some use for it.. While lying down on my bed, or watching tv, it be nice to have.. So i could lie down, and hold it up...
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    I can see the laying in bed use for a tablet... notebooks don't work so well for that and pr0n is just too small on a phone.
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    It adds less than a half inch and ~1 pound to my 3 pound portfolio notepad but contains cloud-synced copies of my PIM information, cloud-synced versions of active office documents (like proposals or briefings still under collaboration), a fantastic PDF annotator, cloud-synced note taker, and cloud-synced program management software. Given I spend a large part of my time at or between client sites around DC, it's a good device for my unique situation.

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