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    Hey all,

    It appears that someone actually from Rhapsody is replying to this today. Anyone interested in this service on our phones may want to post a little reply. And let them know you want it. il&utm_source=reply_notification
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    Wow, I REALLY want this. Major Rhapsody-to-go users in my house. It kills me that they built an iPhone app but haven't done WebOS. Heck, their former parent worked with Palm to build a Realplayer for PalmOS... and I would love to see them embrace WebOS, even if it was only to stream music rather than downloading...
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    Thx for the help there with the actual link
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    forget rhapsody,
    grooveshark is avail now on webos and only 3 bucks a month.
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    Hmm... just read this about Grooveshark, though. I had no idea.

    Grooveshark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    ... Ironically it was posted by a Rhapsody PRPRPR $guy$ $on$ $their$ $forums$ $after$ $telling$ $webOS$ $users$ $that$ $Rhapsody$ $was$ $not$, $at$ $the$ $present$ $time$, $formulating$ $plans$ $to$ $develop$ $for$ $webOS$.
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    Hey all - check out the link again - it looks like we may be getting somewhere with this (possibly, hopefully). It would be awesome, so... if you feel like it, give them some POSITIVE reinforcement that you want it.

    Every bit helps. All along their argument has been about product demand. Let's let them see that they would get some business out of this.
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    I've been posting over there and FINALLY they are going to take a look at the PDK. Still no promises, just taking a look at the PDK. I've been a Rhapsody to go subscriber for a while but you know with the way they replied to that thread I'm not holding my breath and am in the process of figuring out what I can replace it with...that's legal.
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    Hopefully we will see it soon on the webos. Pandora is cool and so is Slacker, but sometimes I want to here a certain song when I want to here it not wait for it to play.

    I tried Grooveshark but was not to impressed with it. Hopefully with the changes going on with Palm oops I mean HP Rhapsody will be more willing to invest in an app.
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    I've had a rhapsody account for years. I would luv a webOS app!! Matter of fact it was one of the first searches I did in the app store when I got my Pre.
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    Me too
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    I'm glad we made our impact on the Rhapsody community, but it seems like some of the WebOS users are pretty aggressive and attacking which gives us a bad image. While I agree that the PDK does make the iPhone porting process more easily, the kit does not give support for C Obj. which is another language used in writing iPhone apps. You also have to consider other factors as well.

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