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    While looking online I saw there was an iPhone hardware hacked to run Android software. Does asnyone know if this has been done/is possible with WebOS? My ultimate dream would be if I could have WebOS on the EVO or something else with a 1GB processor. Everyone I talk to loves the UI and software of WebOS, but we all agree that the hardware is lacking. Now that it seems that HP is not going to focus on mew smartphone hardware, I am looking to the future, but I really love WebOS and the level of customization I get there. Anyone know if this has been done, and if there are instructions anywhere?
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    +1 i'd love an EVO dual booting Android and WebOS. That'd be fun.
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    Personally, I'd prefer a 1GHz processor

    On a more serious note, this would be good, but difficult.

    In another serious note, it would be bad for Palm in the long run, because app sales obviously aren't helping them at all right now (considering they're losing masses of cash right now on the 50% off sale). It is the hardware they're selling that's supporting them.
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    Android is open source and can be ported no problem while web os is closed and if it was ported I can imagine Palm or HP putting out a cease and desist
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    Palm is owned by HP now and HP has tons of cash which is why they are offering all of these incentives to people. The hardware is coming, printers and other devices with webos mean nothing without a means to access them mobily.

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