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  • HPalm Asus Webos phone

    27 84.38%
  • HTC Android EVO

    2 6.25%
  • Iphone 4.0

    3 9.38%
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    I'm not sure if this has been disscussed in the forums already. HP has ha a long lasting working relationship with Asus. Asus has been intgrating hardware components into HP pc's for years.
    I see a lot of people being impatient on Palms next gen phone release. I also have read tons of criticisism of palm pre and hardware complaints. Many claim they will drop webos for android htc evo.
    what would you rather have :
    htc android evo
    HPalm/Asus/webos phone?
    Asus has an incredible rep for building quality components... Ohh the posibilities keep me dreamin all day of my future webos phone :-)
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    I will Dream right along with you!!
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    iFail? Really?

    If it doesn't have WebOS I don't want it.

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    If the HTC Evo had webOS and a smaller display it would be perfect for me, at least for now :P
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    I voted for the WebOS device, but the comments on the latest article on Precentral doesnt bode well for a future webOS smartphone!
    Treo 300->Treo 600->Treo 650->Treo 700p-> Palm Pre-> Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (32GB Launch-day Touchpad sustains my webOS need for now)
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    wow... What a moron that guy is. To announce that they are not into webos for smartphones...2 days before the release of the evo on sprint... ***? Can't we catch a break?
    palm ceo " biz as usual"??? Really. This could put a nail in the coffin for palm. So many loyal users anticipating news of a new phone...and this a-hole states this??? I do not want to buy a pos android phone.... Ever. You could not pay me to buy apple... The brainwashing marketing didn't work...
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    Yeah, that was a major blow to my confidence.
    Treo 300->Treo 600->Treo 650->Treo 700p-> Palm Pre-> Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (32GB Launch-day Touchpad sustains my webOS need for now)
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    My major concern with the HP purchase of Palm was HP's horrendous track record of marketing (just slightly better than Palm). And now with the CEO standing up and saying something like this... just makes me incredibly worried that HP is the 'out-of-touch' corporate giant who will walk away from the loyal base who made webOS what it is and screw everything up. I still refuse to let all of my faith in Palm continuing to be a smartphone company go away.
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    Lol, not a biased focus group at all huh?

    First of all, why would HP go with Asus to manufacture their tablets when they are into the manufacturing business themselves? Doesn't make sense right? Useless thread IMHO.
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    first of all... o.k. we are waiting for point 2 and 3??? who said anything bout a tablet, thats first of all. 2, hp has relatively small smartphne experience. 3, are you aware of the history between asus and hp? obviusly not. 4, eventhough asus has no experience in smartphones... i would rather see a smaller quality focussed company like asus brought in to work with palm... then the out of touch giant hp. 5. have you ever worked for a lrge company? i do. 300K + People. trying to start something new is an extremly slow process. slow is not going to cut it. way to think outside the box.... seems like your comments are whats useless..negative. brainstorming... you should try it sometime
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    161 post.... 6 thanks. says it all. should have read that first and not waisted my time.

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