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    My wife has just taken delivery of a Palm Pixi Plus on O2 UK. I've installed PreWare for her but no patches are being displayed because the WebOS version is I've no idea what is special in the .3 but does anyone know how I can get patches to display for her?
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    are the feeds actually enabled? I just help a friend setup preware, but had to go into the manage feeds part and enable a couple feeds.. after that, I updated the feeds, and patches showed up for him..

    something to look at if you haven't yet.
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    Wait, isn't the current software at
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    The plusses just got released in the uk so like the at&t pre the firmware will probably be slightly different. As for the preware if you are still having trouble there is three options I see
    1. Wait for the next webos update until we are all at the same firmware
    2. See if the authors of the patches you want to are willing to make them compatible with
    3. Or doctor back to o2 1.4.1 ( not sure if this would be a complete succes)
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    firmware is definitely
    Preware somehow automatically looks for the feeds. Is there no way of forcing it to download 1.4.1 patches?


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