After 1 week on the Pre+, and after almost 2 years on the Treo Pro, there is one major missing feature that seems obvious... On the Pro, if you press and hold on anything, you get a context menu of options relevant to the particular app. So, for instance in the email app, when looking at a list of emails in your inbox, you can press and hold on one of them, and a popup appears giving you the following choices:

-reply all
-save as new
-move to folder

If you are in the web browser, and press and hold, you get:

-Address Bar
-Add to favorites
-Refresh Page

If you highlight any text, and then press and hold, you get:

In you are in any input field, and press and hold, you get

Get the idea? Since WebOS doesn't seem to use press and hold for anything, wouldn't this make sense?

Anyone interested in tackling this as a patch?