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    How is it useless? Say you are in the web browser and want to jump into your e-mail app. You could swipe up, then tap the e-mail icon, or you could just swipe and hold and let go on the e-mail icon all in one gesture. It's quicker. Far from useless.
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    When TealOS betas came out for PalmOS, I was amazed at how useful it was. A couple great features, were how you could have different App Icons on the launcher bar and the Wave Launcher. Basically gave the ability to have up to 10 different Apps to quick launch. The other great feature was how you could lock cards and also have the cards start from offscreen so you could see the wallpaper at startup. I miss that in WebOS.
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    I use the wave multiple times a day, I use the patch to hide the bar too. being in the browser and swiping up the wave to start the phone is very simple, swipe up again to access navigation, or google reader, or other commonly used apps.

    What could make it better? Get rid of the app launder icon, let me add 8 or 10 icons and I will hardly ever use the launcher
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    Quote Originally Posted by cr_8_tiv View Post
    True, but since the wave launcher is a "hidden" feature that is seldom used, I believe it would make more sense if it housed a set number of system-based or app-specific features which are completely independent from the app-launcher.

    Doing so would also clear up all the clutter of icons you have on the last page of the launcher (theres like 6-7 different icons just to access the various system settings...)
    if you are already going that route than i would want the wave for a ff set of apps than i have in quick launch.. make the wave customizable just like quick launch
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    My quick launch is hidden all the time, unless I want to change what's in there. I find the wave launch is pretty fast, and it looks pretty cool too. I used to think the way you did, until I found out about hiding it completely.
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    There is design concept behind the wave launcher that is tied directly to the notion of a card view and background apps.

    When selecting an app, conceptually, what actually happens is that the selected app running in a card is zoomed into (brought into focus), concurrently everything else is backgrounded (including the quicklauch bar).
    Swiping up to reveal the wave launcher is another way to access the otherwise out-of-view quicklauncher (which inherently lives in a flexible subspace), so the wave launcher is the quicklauncher.

    Note that accessing the quicklauncher via the upward swipe as a wave launcher is consistent with the long swipe to access neighboring running apps in their own cards.

    So, a plea to change icons in the wave launcher to something different from the quicklaunch icons is a request that will break the design laws underlying the card metaphor (which would more appropriately be considered as an apps landscape/table/space).

    I don't consider the wave launcher useless and would recommend against such a change.

    Quote Originally Posted by cr_8_tiv View Post
    Thanks for the tips guys, but you're misunderstanding my rant No problem, I'll elaborate on this.

    I know you're all familiar with the difference between the Quick launch bar and the Wave launcher bar. The former is seen on card view, whereas the latter is accessed by swiping up from the gesture area to the screen. I don't mind the quick launch bar, in fact I find it very useful. My major gripe is how pointless the Wave launcher is. As it stands right now, there is no benefit to using the wave launcher over the quick launch, all it does is offer another option to the exact same set of your favorite 5 apps.

    On top of that, it feels more intuitive (to me at least) to simply swipe up to card view rather than use the wave launcher because I have to first swipe up and hold, THEN slide my finger over to the app. To me, the wave launcher is seldom used, and to a large degree, feels cumbersome. This is why I think it should give access to a completely different set of features like system settings, or the app menu tools (copy, cut, paste).
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    the hide quick laucher is probably one of my favorite patches. It gives the phone a cleaner look and forces you to use a really great webos feature..the wave bar.
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    I had the hide quick launcher patch on my phone for months. But I never kept any apps in my quick launcher because I hated that when I swiped up to open the launcher, the quick launcher would pop up for a second then drop back down. That annoyed me so I just removed everything from the quick launcher, added another little patch so NOTHING popped up and never used the wave launcher or quick launcher like it was never there.

    Recently though, I switched from that patch to the advanced configuration for app launcher patch (which I recommend for everyone). SO much better and cleaner. Very well put together. the option to hide the launcher works better than the other patch. The theme I recently got has a lot more attractive quick launcher so for the first time in a long time, I have my quick launcher back on. Now that the option on my phone to use the wave launcher is back, Im kinda getting more used to using it. Mainly because I like the feature and WANT to use it.

    It IS nice to hide the launcher sometimes though. That way anyone who is not familiar with the phone cant do anything with it because they arent familiar with gestures. haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post
    if you are already going that route than i would want the wave for a ff set of apps than i have in quick launch.. make the wave customizable just like quick launch
    isn't the wave launcher customizable already? whatever you have in the quick launch is whatever is on the wave. or do you mean a separate config so that essentially a pattern for the wave and a separate for the quick? Since mine(launch) is hidden all the time, I feel my wave is pretty customized.
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    I also use the hide quick launch patch, but only because after using the pre for a year, I realized that I had only used the wave once or twice by accident. It is a pretty feature, but i disagree that it offers any advantage over swipe up to card view. People are saying, "well if I am in my browser and I want to be in email, I use the wave and dont even have to go to card view." Its not like card view is a menu selection that takes time; a quick short swipe from the gesture area and a tap of the desired icon is just as fast if not faster than the slightly delayed response of the wave.

    As it is now, it really is redundant eye candy; I think api's that would allow apps to have menu items in the wave would be a much better feature. For instance the browser might have a new card icon, or a copy and paste icon; a twitter client could have a new tweet icon, or a follow icon. Use the wave to hide the bottom buttons that are ubiquitous throughout apps across all platforms--we would get nice clean apps and would essentially extend the useless, screen wasting bottom icons into the gesture area, which you pull up with the swipe and hold gesture.

    So In summary, app selection would occur exclusively in card view with the quick launch bar and launcher, and gestures would be useful to the app currently focused on when in focused view.
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