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    I try to keep up withe the various phone platforms. Their is a lot of buzz around Android 2.2 with Froyo and claims of speed increases of up to 600% due to a compiler.

    Does WebOS use a compiler? Could it be optimized to see similar speed increases?

    If it does not use a compiler, what would it take for Palm to create one?

    Right forum?

    Is it feasible for Palm to make one?
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    What's gonna make Froyo faster is the new version of the V8 Javascript compiler. WebOS uses this as well, and Palm have tweeted something to the extent of "great news. the internet gets faster, webOS gets faster." - in other words, we WILL reap the fruits of the new V8, but when exactly it's going to happen isn't known. What we DO know is that a bunch of system services and apps now running in java are being rewritten in javascript, presumably to make use of this speed boost.

    Don't forget however that Palm have been on a pretty steady update cycle with an average of one-and-a-half-months between updates. So even if it's not in the upcoming update (which should hit in the weeks to come) it will probably be in the one after that
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    thanks for the clarification.

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