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    Hi guys,

    WebOS is unique in having the 'ripple' reticle whenever the screen is touched - it's really useful feedback to show the user that the device is doing what they expect it to do.

    I know that Palm are currently implementing hardware acceleration into the UI, and I think that they should consider my idea of showing a trail when the user swipes or drags on the screen.

    As long as it is hardware accelerated it shouldn't take up too much system resources - and it will add a layer of interaction and visual feedback that is not currently offered (that I know of) by any mobile operating system.

    Plus, it'd be fun to just play with - don't underestimate the power of doodling, people would love it

    Here's a simple little mockup to explain what I'm talking about. What are all of your initial reactions? Love it or hate it?

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    Got to admit that I'm going to be a hater on this one. My own feeling is that it takes away from the clean interface and would be a distraction.
    It is like the mouse trail on a pc, and by god does that annoy me.
    However, an option to enable/disable such a swipe trail would be nice as it would allow the option to users such as yourself.
    By the way, nice mock up.
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    Great idea! I love it, however I believe there should be an option to turn it off. Then again someone would probably write a patch for that.
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    this shouldn't be too difficult, but also it dosent add anything vital @ thispoint. I agree it should be an on/off option, but I bet there are bigger fish to fry right now for palm.
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    there are apps for some 'other phones' that use that to let you 'fog the screen' and then draw in it like a window or shower mirror. Kewl feature if it doesn't use any resources...

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