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    Thought I share some experience with removing accounts.

    As my Exchange inbox in Pre started to have some e-mails that did not exist in exchange anymore, I thought that the easiest way to deal with it to remove the Exchange account in Pre's E-mail application and set it up again (bad idea). To delete the account in E-mail properly it seems you should do this also in Contacts and Calendar as well b/c of Synergy (did not thought of that before).

    After scratching my head many times and thinking why the old account re-appears and calendar has duplicates it appeared to me that removing the accounts simply takes a lot of time (~30 minutes for me): the accounts (and duplicates in the calendar) disappeared only after Contacts of the Exchange account were down to 0 (from 2500). Ie. Pre deletes the contacts one by one and I could check the progress from Contacts-Accounts-Exhange, which then showed how many contacts were left to delete. So when I was thinking of a bug, the phone was actually removing the account!

    So when playing around with setting up and removing accounts it seems wisest to sit and wait. In the ideal world there could be some progress bar or smth to keep users panicking.

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    I have also experienced in removing accounts.It take so much time if you have much data to delete accounts.I agree with you 100% but some time you have to do this.
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    you also have to delete the account in your photos app, too.

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