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    The biggest thing that bugs me about Rafe's beef with Palm is he knows nothing about the product. He knows nothing about the Pre, nothing about webOS, yet he still bashes it like he used it as his main phone for a couple months.

    He praises Android and the iPhone and writes everything else off without giving it a chance. Tom isn't too hot about Palm either but he reported their news without bias and gave credit where credit was due.
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    I don't really get Rafe's point, but Molly's clarification makes more sense: WebOS is a superior product that's still going to lose. I think she pointed to betamax or hd-dvd. There's some logic to that, but the analogy fails since Palm hasn't folded up shop. Instead they've been acquired by a much larger company with the resources to make a competitive push against RIM, MS, Apple, and Google. Whether it will work or not is anybody's guess, but we have webos phones on 3 out of 4 carriers in the US and all over the world. There's no indication that webos users were 'duped' or 'suckered' into a phone that's going to vanish without developer or product support.

    Rafe is the same guy who thinks anybody else making any sort of tablet, android, windows or otherwise is going to fail because apple has already locked the market up.
    Anytime you get this sort of black and white thinking, I tend to tune out.
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    I've NEVER had any of the comments I've emailed or voicemailed used, trying to correct just the blatant lies they spew about WebOS. It isn't just one time or one comment, but a constant hive mind of WebOS being over.

    I've tried the iPhone. I've tried Android. Frankly, it would drive me nuts if those were the only choices I had. Android is like working with Windows Mobile. You can get stuff done, but it is very annoying.

    Similar things to this also happen on TWIT. Someone mentioning getting a Pre and everyone laughs. Why? It still is the most productive phone on the market for me and I'm using an old Sprint Pre. I guess I don't get it.
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    They never use my emails either but to be fair they probably get thousands every day. I was hoping to even out the odds with a little help from the Precentral faithful, but again,, I know how this works and they don't WANT to use a pro WebOS email.

    ah well it was worth a try at least.
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