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    if this should already have been covered somewhere, please point me in the right direction - since yesterday I've been unable to search the forum - all I get is..

    "Server or file not found.

    The address is currently unavailable."

    My situation:
    -Long time Palm user, with a truly stand-alone Palm - never hotsynched, never used (or needed to use) Google Calendars, Outlook, and so on.

    -When I set up my Pre, I acted hastily; there was one point at which a Palm Profile could be created, and my impression was that it HAD to be created, so I did.

    -Since then the fact that my data go "somewhere", and especially the involvement of Google have been bothering me more and more; the latest Google scandal [for those who haven't heard about it: see the end of this message] which erupted in Germany a short while ago was the proverbial last drop; I want once again to be the only one with access to my data.

    This gives rise to the following questions

    -How do I sever all connections with Palm Profile / Google short of simply turning off my radio?

    -If I manage to do so, will PreWare still work?

    -Will there still be a way to buy Pre software?

    -Any other problems that might arise from such a move?

    Googles latest, as reported in a German news broadcast:
    For their StreetView Google stated that they were going to search for public WiFi access points and incorporate the coordinates into their maps.
    Later someone found that at the same time Google had also scanned the data streams created at those access points and saved all the email messages to their own computers; when challenged about this they claimed to have been completely unaware of those downloads and blamed a software bug for those downloads.
    So, before I trust them with any data at all, I'll think about it not just twice - after all, who knows how many other "software bugs" there are in Google's software!

    For further info in English, see BBC News - Google refuses to hand over German Street View data
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    The phone is about useless without a palm profile, you could not buy any official apps, your could still use preware, but I am not sure the phone part would even function without the palm profile.
    If you do not want your information in the "cloud" you are going to have to stick with your old Palm products and never a buy a new device. Any device moving forward is going to store your information outside of the device.
    I understand your concern over privacy, but if you do not feel comfortable with your data being held by a 3rd party your choices for new devices gets real slim.
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    Doesn't sound promising; hovever, are you sure you're not too pessimistic?

    What prompted my question was a phrase in Palm's guide for migrating the PIMs from PalmOS to WebOS; it went something like "you can of course migrate directly from Palm Desktop to your Pre,....,but we hope that eventually you'll define a Palm profile..."
    That doesn't sound like "define a profile or else your device will be more or less useless."


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    You need a palm profile to activate your phone, same with iphones and itunes signin for activation. No way around it. Of course if there were you would be missing what makes the palm pre/pixi worth having.
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    You could look into turning off the Backup app. I don't think it will delete your Palm Profile, but I think it will get rid of most data and prevent webOS from syncing with the Palm servers. You may be at risk for any paid apps though ... no backups would mean they won't be restored if your phone has to be reset.

    I'm a little confused though that you seem to be connecting/equating Palm and Google? These are two totally separate ways of maintaining data, yes? The data stored on Palm servers is supposedly encrypted and not accessible by anyone (supposedly).

    You should read the help text in the Backup app ... it talks about a lot of this stuff there.
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    Do bear in mind that Google was only picking up data from unsecured wi-fi and only for the few seconds that the street view car would have been in range.
    and saved all the email messages to their own computers
    I've seen nothing (including in the story you linked to) that suggests email messages were targeted. It most likely would be what ever data packets were being transmitted in the clear whether it was in fact email or other data like general web surfing or streaming video.

    Personally I trust Google with data about me more than I trust the Government so when I see Google resisting handing data over to the Government I have a brief moment of hope...before I get to the next story of Government abuses.

    At any rate, it should be easy to get off Google, just not the Palm Profile.
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    OK, I am the curmudgeon around here that is most vocal about not syncing to google. I agree with the sentiments of the OP.

    To the OP, I continue to sync to my Outlook client for this very reason.

    You have to create a Palm Profile to make the phone work, and it is a good thing because it remembers your catalog purchases so it can automatically restore them to your phone if you every wipe it our or replace it.

    But, you don't have to put your contacts in your Palm profile and I strongly recommend against it because there isn't any way for you to access it on the web to export or edit the contacts in your Palm profile...

    I will post some links here where this has been discussed so this thread doesn't have to scroll through my ranting about this. Those that are interested in how some of us have worked around this... can follow those links.

    I am not saying that syncing with the cloud isn't ever good for anyone. I'm just saying it isn't useful or appropriate for me - or for others that have needs more similar to mine...

    Stay tuned for some links...
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    These are focused on those of us that used PalmOS phones and PDAs, and want to continue the paradigm of syncing with a desktop PC. In my case, it is partially because Google indexes everything they touch and show regular lapses in judgement in what they do with that info (which is not a problem with the Palm profile) and/or because we sit in front of an Outlook client and need to be able to use Outlook as the primary place to add/change/delete/organize/use contact and calendar data...

    I hope those help. there are other threads like these on this forum, but those will get you started...

    Also, as a temporary fix, the 3rd party apps that are available for Outlook sync all have a free trial period. That would let you sync your contacts to Outlook. At that point you can export from Outlook to .csv so you can import it in to whatever you want. That way you can delete contacts in your Palm profile without losing them all together. Always make sure you have frequent and dependable back-ups of your data before messing with the data stored in any on-line service...
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    Ps, you can PM me if you want help with specifics. Most important to me is that you don't lose any data, and that you control where it goes.

    I wouldn't have any concern about my wife using the cloud sync methods for her purposes, but I'm not going to use them for mine...
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    While you may need a Palm Profile to activate your phone, only your Palm Profile calendar and contacts will be backed up on the Palm servers.

    There is a way to bypass the "cloud" by syncing directly from your desktop. I tried Chapura's Echo to sync my Palm desktop. Then I changed my mind, moved my Palm desktop information into Outlook (for other considerations), then used Chapura's Pocket Mirror to sync my Outlook information into my Palm Pre Plus.

    Whether you use Palm Desktop-Echo or Outlook-Pocket Mirror combination, both only sync to your Palm Pre Plus from your desktop. They require that both your PC containing your information and your Palm Pre Plus should be on the same wi-fi network. Each one is priced at $39.95.

    Note, if you have Memos marked private records in your Palm desktop, you will lose the ability to keep them private. In other words, the private Memo which is now a Note in the Palm Pre Plus does not need a password to be opened. My understanding from Chapura Tech Support is that this is a Web OS limitation.

    I am not a Chapura employee. There are other options of doing the above by using other products. Search in the Palm web site.

    One last thing, you can not search your calendar in the Palm Pre Plus! But that's a topic for another posting.


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