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    face it people, we all like new things. Who keeps the same car until it dies?who wears clothes until they disintegrate, who still has their TVs from the 1980s? I'm sure those still work. It's called and upgrade, and people like new and better things...

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    ummmmm.....until my phone no longer meets my needs?

    I don't get it. Seriously. Its a smartphone...but, it is just a phone with some cool / helpful features. As long as my Pre doesn't suddenly stop working because my "time is up", then I'll keep using it.

    EVO folks MAY be able to get their google results 3 seconds faster than me. But, so long as I'm not looking up "what to do when a rattlesnake bites you"....I don't think that 3 seconds is all that important to me.

    I have a good phone that is pleasant to use. Good enough.
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    I'd love to get the next webos device. But I'm starting to doubt them. If they had anything even close in specs to the EVO, they would be really dumb not to drop hints NOW. In less than a week they stand to lose a significant number of webos users. More than they will gain on ATT in the next month.

    So I think the reason they are quiet is because they don't have the EVO specs or maybe no device at all for some time. To announce a lesser device or a 4 month wait would only seal the deal for people to drop the Pre for EVO. Think about it, they are choosing to let early adopters walk rather than tantalize us with anything. To me that says they have nothing close. No other explanation makes sense. Thing is, I would even take the lesser specs, if I had any clue that it was coming soon.
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    Well, I used my Clie TH55 for 4 years; I stuck with my previous Sanyo phone for 5+ years. So how long do you think I'll be sticking with my launch day Pre?

    Some people always need the newest greatest gadget. To me I only need what fits me best, thus I hung on to the TH55 (best Palm OS non-phone device IMHO) until the Pre showed up. Even today, there are still some things a TH55 can do but no "modern" smart phone can't.

    I might get the next webOS device when and if it comes out, since my Pre is cracking up and does the oreo. But I can wait as long as Palm needs to get that next phone out. (Unless my Pre doesn't survive past the wait, I hope not)
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    Depends on when 4G will be available in my area. If 4G becomes available before any new hardware announcement, I'm going EVO as much as I love WebOS. I would always be willing to go back as soon as I'm eligible again.
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    They just added Orlando to the 4G list, however, I do not know how far from Orlando it goes.

    Take care, Jay
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